Thursday, March 15, 2007

Celebrating womanhood!

One of my friends asked me the other day, “So, how did your Women’s Day celebs go?” Till then, I hadn’t given it a thought! Needless to say, I mumbled “Well, it went well…err…there was some celebration at office…but then, I was in a training…” After a long pause, he labelled me a loser, for not celebrating womanhood on that very day which the so-called chauvinistic world had condescended to offer me and my species!

On 8th March, I was in a training session and the men in our team so kindly made an effort to make us feel special…they verbally declared how great it is to have women in this world…they did pause and remember their mothers, sisters, wives and of course, girl friends and reiterate that they cherish them all…then they gifted us with different cute goodies. I loved what I got- a heart shaped photo frame- silver lined!

My sms folder was jammed with “Happy Women’s Day” messages…My email account crossed the warning threshold in a couple of days…I didn’t miss the beam on my friend’s face as she showed me what her company gifted her with on that day…


I did not feel special that day! I simply did not!


It was a day I lived to the fullest- like any other day!

It was a day when I felt taken for granted, and chose not to do the same in return- like any other woman!

It was a day when I fondly remembered and blessed all the awesome people in my life - like anyone who counts their blessings!

It was a day when I bit my tongue when it was about to rattle the good- for- nothing feminist ideologies I once so fervently believed in- like any one who has had wisdom dawned on them!

It was a day when my heart ceased to seethe in anger- like any other heart which has learnt to forgive!

It was a day when I went on my knees in prayer against the injustice in this world- like any other who knows that the battle belongs to the Lord!

It was a day when I fell in love all over again with the one who created me a woman- like on every other day after I met my Saviour!

Nevertheless, I went back into history to find out what this day was all about (quite interesting to note the hype around it now!). Even though one might claim that it makes a difference to some of us to have a day set aside for ourselves, I’m not convinced that it isn’t a mockery…not when the concern and appreciation get confined to the sugary 24 hour duration of the International Women’s Day!!!