Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The man who makes my heart swell with love!


My father is no mahatma. 

He is no millionaire.

He is no perfect man, either.

But he makes my heart swell with love!

This is no daddy’s girl talk. I’ve sat down and given enough thought to why he makes me feel so weighed down with love.

He stands tall as a tower of integrity. Against all odds, he stands strong as a rock for the cause of justice. If there’s anything or anybody he fears, it is God. He’s the one angry young man I adore to this day!

Here’s a man who can talk his way into anything. Sadly, none of his three children inherited that quality from him. And that makes me think, it is a gift that God puts into some special people! Over the years, he has let God tame his gift of the gab. I believe, that’s when the gifting makes sense. It becomes priceless! God makes even his silence speak- an austere dignified vacuum speaks volumes, which a million words he could have mouthed couldn’t have!

He is a father who chose to be a friend to his children. He risked his right to “reverence from a distance” for a reverence that comes only out of love and intimacy. I cannot remember a day when I was not given the freedom to say what I wanted to. He let us feel his heart beat and saved the trouble of long debates to make us understand his head. We are indeed children after our father’s heart! Believe me, I did not struggle to picture my Heavenly Father as my dearest friend, thanks to my earthly father, who effortlessly demonstrated that!

What really shakes me up about him is his confidence in God. I have not encountered anyone who so firmly believes in the forgiveness of God. He fearlessly admits his follies and runs back to God, in sheer confidence that he would be accepted back. I have held against him things God forgave him, only to see that God continues to be on his side. God is on the side of the righteous and the Holy Spirit gently nudges me to say, “Righteousness is not a function of your deeds but your faith!”

These few paragraphs of appreciation don't do justice to what my father deserves. But, I’d still go ahead with this much because, I’m sure he understands my heart has swollen with love for him so much by now that I can’t put another word down!

God bless you, precious father of mine!

Ps: In our lives, we take many things for granted. In mine, it’s my family I have taken for granted the most. I see the need to change...and I'm using this space as a tool to help me stop and thank those who make my life worthwhile... I’m grateful that God has allowed me a second chance that wasn’t too late.