Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I’ve just started countin’ my blessings!

The Best of 2007!

The best compliment:
“Very very rich love, girl!”
Well, I still haven’t figured what prompted you to say that, friend!
You are my Jonathan, indeed!! :D
(Jonathan= faithful encourager!)

The best feedback:
“You are unbearably proud!”
I’m not sure if you remember saying this to me...Though you did that in a fit of rage, that got me thinking…thank you, pal!

The most memorable week end:
28-30 Dec 2007

Friday: I tried my hand at single- handed- full- fledged cooking! I had fried rice in mind…but I didn’t know what to make out of it, when it was finally cooked (over cooked). My guest of honor (a long lost friend) tried his culinary tricks on the ‘spoilt’ meal till it was kinda edible! Then, we sat together and sang some good ol’ songs…and another brother in arms dropped in…and we sang…and had coffee…and sang again…beautiful day!

Saturday: My Saturdays are either jam packed with activities or completely idle. I’m yet to bring in some semblance of balance into my Saturdays! This one was different: I went to a Seventh Day Adventist Church after almost 9 years! They had something called Feet Washing before the Communion, which took me by surprise. Before the communion service, you could choose to wash the feet of a person, who would in turn wash yours…my feet washing partner was a sweet old lady! It shook me up completely…it takes heaps of humility to wash someone else’s feet…I was in tears by the time it ended…the emotional intensity the disciples must have felt, when Jesus stooped down to wash their feet would have been uncontainable! A life changin' experience!

Sunday: As usual, the best day of the week! :D

The most blessed time:
My parents came over and stayed with me for a week and a half…I had the time of my life!! At times, we laughed so much that we thought our hearts would break…powerful prayer times… connecting with friends…adventurous dine-at fine places-like the Taj-times…sittin-together-doin-nothin-times...the list would go on. It was more than I could ever ask for! You guys are the bestest parents in the whole wide world!!

The most precious sms:
“I didn’t know I hurt u, chechi…I’m sorry!”
Have you heard of cut pasting one’s heart on to the phone? My li’l sis did that one of these days. How I love you, doll!

The best hair day:
Well, a good hair day rarely happens to me, and hence is worth mentioning! One of those days when I did the Announcements at APC! Oh those curls! :D (Courtesy: the 'secret admirer' who pointed this out, since i was blissfully unaware of the same!)

The best song:
Your love is deep- Deeper than my view of Grace
Your love is High- Higher than this worldly place
Your love is Long- Longer than this road I travel
You love is Wide- Wider than the gap You fill!!
Listen to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KLGVKfiFTQ

The best one liner: “To err is human, to forgive is not company policy!”

The best movie/s: The Pursuit of Happyness; Taare zameen par.

The biggest noticeable change in perception: “I love Bangalore!”

The biggest influence: Sheila and Bert.

The best surprise package: Ruth and Bob. Angels exist on planet earth!!

The biggest investment: The Winged Words...my blog.

The greatest ‘quotable quotes’ of the year:
“Don’t waste your tears for they are precious!”- The Anointed
“Let Him form you!” - The Winner
“Be grateful!”-
The Dot
The Gracious
“Love is a verb!”-
The Braveheart
“Look at my heart and not at my actions!” –
The Leader

Still countin'....