Friday, May 4, 2007

Lessons of Life.

Life is short.

Live it to the lees.

Lower the “I”.

Lavish His love.

Laugh in freedom.

Live up to the Cross.

Leave a lasting legacy!

This is what I’ve been learning off late. And yes, learning is a painful process…but the good news is that I’m learning…

I’ve been wondering about the concept of life in abundance...Jesus came to give us life…life in all its abundance- replete with trials and victories, ‘on top of the world’ and ‘down the drains’ seasons, sobs and laughters…

That was a fair deal, I thought! A complete package! A perfect end to end delivery!

The call is not to brood in our world of worries, but to pick up the pearls of wisdom that we found on that road of suffering…to walk into the future with our heads held high…to enjoy the now…to feel the blanket of His love in depths and highs alike…to cherish the pain of waiting…to be still and know that He is God!!