Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I kissed my dreams good bye,
Made up my mind not to cry,
Warned my wits against askin’ why,
Life seemed like one big lie!

Thought my heart was torn into two,
In the tug between revolt and rue;
There wasn’t a thing left to do,
Future had become too drab to woo!

I got no sleep- not a wink,
My mind was too muddled to think,
Those were times I thought I’d sink,
Troubled waters had reached the brink!

Then, through the rain, I heard a voice,
“Peace, be still!”, with all the poise,
That stripped the tempest of any choice,
But to calm, till there was no noise!

Then I felt a tingle in my heart,
“God’s touch!”- I grasped with a start,
Mending hands darned many a part,
Of a shredded me- His work of art!

Mate, don’t you think that He’s asleep,
When trouble strikes and it hurts so deep,
His voice would calm the waves most steep,
Be still and know, that promises He will keep!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Away, in a Manger...

Another Christmas comes by…

I sit in my poorly furnished rented apartment, sipping self-made chai,
lost in a world of my own…

Sweet memories of the Christmases gone by, linger…

This year, I decided not to go home.
The mega family reunion isn’t happening either…Christmas has always been the well-justified reason for the family scattered all over the globe to come together…

I miss my family...
I miss good ol’ friends…the laughter…the clatter…

I’m afraid, I’m giving you a very melancholy picture of a poor soul bereft of the Christmas joy!


This Christmas is the most special of the all the others I’ve had so far!

And here’s why…

I don’t miss Jesus, this time!

For the first time, I sat in absolute awe of the Infinite, Indescribable, Massive God, confining Himself to a tiny cell in the virgin’s womb…Do you get the picture that stumped me? The Creator King, stooping down to be one of his creations…the Star-breather, reducing Himself to a curse on the cross…the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient God coming in search of a nobody called me! Last Christmas, I gladly shrunk into a lowly Bethlehem and reveled in my identity I found in it…this time, I’m marveled at the very concept of the BIG GOD choosing to come into Bethlehem…and at the magnanimity of the love that compelled Him to do so! “For God sooo loved the world….” has begun to make sense to me, at last!

This is the first time, I let the Savior own my manger! How ridiculous is the idea of the Most Holy God choosing a smelly, filthy manger, for his grand entry into the world He created? And, how much of a fool would you have to make of yourself, to let the very same Holy God step into the manger of your life? That filthy area of life replete with ungodliness, which you are ashamed to open up in front of anyone? I don’t know what the manger means for you. But for me, it was an area full of hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness and rebellion! Through the years I had let Him step into it- I must add, into the relatively cleaner areas of it! This time, He was asking for more- He wanted to own it! I couldn’t have debated that for long…He only had to remind me that He’s already paid a huge price for it and is awaiting my approval!

What do you do, when you are swept off your feet?
Well, this Christmas,
I’m too bowled over to even hum a love song, let alone a carol! :-)

Have a Merry CHRISTmas, my beloved readers!!! God bless you!!!