Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I call it 'perseverance'! Whatcha think??

Friday, November 23, 2007

When everythin' fails...

When you walk down the road,
Wishin' someone held your hand,
Hold fast the promises,
Hug tight all your dreams,
‘Cos that’s all you’ve got…
To help you carry on!

What if the time’s not ripe
For the promises to be kept?
And the hope's too frail,
To take you till then?
And the faith's too small,
For the mountains to move?

What if the whips of time
Have battered your trust?
And the dreams seem too big,
To be pursued and found?
And they struggle out of your arms,
As fast as they snuggled into them?

That’s when you pause
Mid way on the road,
To hold no promises,
To hug no dreams…
It seems like there’s nothin’
To help you carry on!

Friend, when you get there,
Look deep into your heart;
And see somethin’ that’s greater
Than the Faith and the Hope…
It is the Love that gives and forgives,
Which is the greatest of all!

It’s never about fallin' in love,
It’s all about learnin' to love!
It stretches the limits of mercy,
It calls for layin’ down of life!
It gives you the Father’s eyes,
To see the world as He does!

It hurts to love,
It hasn’t been cheap,
But, if you have love,
You’ve got it all,
And, if you’ve lost it,
You’ve blown ‘em all!